Two Weeks Until Half-Term

Not that I’m counting, you understand…

We’re now over 4 weeks into the new academic year and the change in the educational landscape has been marked in such a short space of time. The use of our VLE/MLE has recorded its highest number of individual users since we’ve been using Moodle and this is – in part – due to integrating the ULCC’s Personal Learning Plan plug-in. We’ve been running with this system for the past 12 months and – as ever – there were concerns about how the system would cope rolling over from one academic year to the next. Thankfully the plug-in has coped and there has been a smooth transition despite the changes made to the format of our eILPs.

The keenest change we’ve all experienced has been the reduction in course hours – there is evidence here that the use of ILT has increased steadily and that course materials are finding a home in Moodle and that where staff would provide personal support in the past, students are now being directed towards the VLE.

The challenge now is to find time for staff to develop their own skills and really push the technology at their disposal – unfortunately this skills development time is non-existent and, as we all know,  creating truly interactive and engaging online materials takes a lot of time and effort. It makes you wonder if the balance will ever be restored.


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